Farewell Speech - Class of 2016

April 18, 2016   7 minute read

As we enter the world we are but a speck in the sands of time and in the winds that blow, we learn to discover ourselves. We are moulded into what we are in the sandstorms we combat through, and with the other specks that we interact with, we learn, we love and we enjoy life for what it is. In all these moments, the speck is us, the winds are our experiences, the sandstorms are the challenges we go through and the other specks are the people around us. All these moments define us, make us who we are.

Respected Teachers, Dear Friends and Awesome Juniors,

Today as we the class of 2016 bid farewell, I am proud to say that our moments at FFC Schools, our 15 years here, have been one of our most unforgettable and defining ones.

Be it the early years when we used to ask unlimited and unrelated questions, when our eyes were more focused on the clock than the teacher; when we eagerly waited for the PE lesson to come on and then Sir Badr had to drag us out of the ground to return to classes, when we looked forward to library lessons with Madam Alia, when we annoyed the hell of out of teachers to give us free lessons, when after numerous tries we still got the tabloe moves wrong, when we used to organize interclass matches with our juniors Or be it the O Levels, when our teachers spent days teaching us difficult concepts, motivating us to study, stressing the importance of doing past papers, giving us opportunities to groom our skills or be it the last two years of our A Levels, when we took over the responsibilities of being the seniors, worked to bring a difference and collaborated with outstanding juniors.

These memories will forever be with us wherever we go.

It seems as another school morning when my mother woke me up and I said “five more minutes mom”, I closed my eyes and in a blink of an eye the five minutes were over. Just like that the past years have passed very quickly. But we are far different, far better and far taller than we were when we came here. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to people sitting in front of us.

I’d like to thank all our teachers for being there for us, and for every single thing you’ve done for us in the past years, for the pleasures we’ve had when we were with you, for the confidence you’ve shown in us, for standing by our sides even when we were wrong and most importantly for your unconditional guidance and support.

I’d like to thank zubair bhai, zafar bhai, mushtaq bhai, ayah ji for your constant care and presence for us. Zubair and Zafar Bhai, for calling us everytime we were late to school, reminding us to submit our photos which went on for weeks, when you used to scare us that sir Ishaq is coming soon when in fact he was in a meeting or when you used to fix any problems we had related to timetables, mics, printing. Mushtaq bhai, for helping us out in our sajji stalls, events, plays and celebrating with us when we won and encouraging us when we lost. Ayah Ji, for listening to us and sharing stories.

To conclude, I’d like to thank this school in general for providing us numerous curricular and extracurricular opportunities to groom our academic, athletic and intellectual skills. For acting as a stepping stone towards success and for preparing us for a competitive world outside.

As we move on to the next stage of our lives, we will remember the values we have learned here by puttng our abilities to the benefit of our locality, our country and the world. We’ll pay this debt of gratitude forward by being always there for our juniors if they need any kind of help or support. We will try our best to become our best but wherever we go, this school, this community and the people here will always have a special place in our hearts.

To my fellow classmates and juniors I will say only one thing: we only need to get out of our self-imposed restrictions and the entire world is there for us to sail into and shine in, and I hope we do.

Thank You