Head Boy Speech - FFC Schools Elections 2015

September 03, 2015   4 minute read

Election Campaign Circular/Manifesto

I remember years ago, like you I was sitting here in the Iqbal Hall listening to the speeches of my seniors, deciding who to vote, who is the best, who to choose. That was 7 years ago, it was the first election of our school. Now, as I enter the last year of 14 years of my school life here, I too have been given the chance to represent you all.

And if I am going to represent you, let’s talk about what you need:

  • You need a head boy who is responsible, capable and approachable.
  • You need a head boy who is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the Student Council and School.
  • You need a head boy who is more than just a big sash and hollow promises.
  • You need a head boy who can and would work for the betterment of our school.

Now whether I fulfill that criteria, is up to you to decide. In case I do and you do vote for me I would like to highlight five main things that I have planned:

  1. We need the student council to be active throughout the year and not just for a few months. To do that, every two months the student council will be required to recap what they have done in the previous months, in front of the whole school. I will personally lead that.
  2. Under me, you will be able to easily give feedback, complain or suggest which would be given top priority. After all we are your representatives.
  3. A School Website. It is the need of today, and you will be able to access anything related to school like timetable, syllabus, calendar, event pictures, etc. Also, you will be able to easily contact the School Administration, Student Council or the House Body.
  4. A shift to healthy and affordable food at the Canteen.
  5. As in top institutions of our country, the student council will try to arrange individual counselling of students arriving in grade 9th/C1 and 11th/AS Level so they can have discussion regarding their future plans, subject choices, etc. and make better decisions.

To conclude, I can’t make many guarantees, I can’t make many promises, but I can make one guarantee, I can make one promise. I will try my best. If I get the honour to represent you, I will commit 100% of myself towards the betterment of our school.