Speech - IBA Sukkur Award Ceremony

September 06, 2015   7 minute read

Getting Prize from Khursheed Shah

06 September 2015

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning,

First of all, I am thankful to Sir Khursheed Shah for taking out his valuable time, organizing this great event, recognizing me and gracing us with his presence. I am also thankful to Tanvir bhai who supported and recognized me. I would also like to thank worthy director Sir Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui along with his IBA Administration and Faculty for graciously hosting us here. In addition, I pay my thanks to FFC and my school, FFC Grammar School’s administration and teachers for supporting me with their presence. And of course I am delighted to have my family and friends here whose prayers and never-ending support have been with me all the way and all the time.

Today, I am relieved to know that there are amazing people in Pakistan who recognize and support their youth. It’s an honour and a matter of utmost pleasure to be invited here to one of the best institutes of Pakistan and to my hometown Sukkur, and to be recognized in front of an esteemed audience and my family.

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015 was held in Dallas, USA from 9 to 12th of August 2015. In the qualifying stage 800,000 students all around the globe took an official microsoft exam in their respective categories. Finally, 145 national champions from all around the glove participated in three categories Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I participated in PowerPoint.

From financial difficulties to visa issues to lack of time and resources for preparation, I had to face many challenges to participate in the championship. I didn’t have the support of any organization and I had to do everything myself. But after around 1.5 years of difficulties I was finally able to represent my country. Yes, Winning the bronze medal for my country was a moment of happiness but even greater happiness was when I wore Pakistan’s flag over my shoulders. It was a moment of pride and a dream come true which made me forget my past difficulties.

Amma, Baba, AbuNana aen AmiNani ji duaen je kare maa khe iya kamyabi mili. Since I was little, my grandfather, my Baba always said to my father that I would do something big one day. I always thought that he had mistaken me, now I know that if it was not for his belief, I would never have believed myself and I would never have accomplished what I have. In all this difficulty, if not for the support of my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins and if not for their unshaken belief in me, I would never have got the strength to go Dallas.

When I was leaving for Dallas, when I was alone at the airport and when I was at the competition, hundreds of friends wished me luck and prayed for me through social networks. They never let me feel alone. I would also like to mention here that all I am is due to the excellent education of FFC Schools Mirpur Mathelo, great support of my teachers Sir Razi and Sir Salman and the great environment provided by Fauji Fertilizer Company where I have lived since my childhood.

This win was not my win but the win of Pakistan, my family, my friends, my school and FFC.

At the competition, I got to meet amazing people from all around the World. I met friends from Ecuador in South America to Kenya in Africa to New Zealand to our neighbouring India. What I noticed what was that there is no difference between us and them. We have got the capability, we have got the ability. At the end, It’s all about opportunity. It’s all about resources and of course it’s all about determination.

Our youth is our future and how we treat it defines our future. Like today, if continued support is given to our youth we will surely shine. Yes, we are behind, yes our system and our society is plagued by problems, but we can cure this disease. If we do, we will surely gallop ahead.

I hope that support is given so students like me and better than me can participate in this competition and more competitions like this in the future. I hope that we continue to win laurels and prove to the world that we are no less.

To conclude, I would again like to thank Sir Khursheed Shah, Tanvir bhai and IBA for organizing this event and recognizing me.

Thank You