Digital Piracy - Morally Wrong

2 minute read | Published on September 29, 2012

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Piracy is a major problem for multinational software companies. They try hard, invest a lot and spend a big amount of time creating the perfect software/music/movie for the customers. And like every commercial company they set a price. Well, In return they do not get the profit they deserve. The reason for that is Piracy.

Some people known as pirates a.k.a hackers crack the software and make it available for free for millions of people around the world. Now, some do it for showing their prowess while others to gain personal benefits like recognition, money or fun. This is well received by the people because it is for free. They don’t realise that the work they are illegally using was created through an investment. Imagine working hard throughout your life to make a quality product and not earning what you deserve.

Companies have fought piracy face-to-face for several years but as is the case with a mob millions of people in the world can’t be dealt with. So today they have devised other methods.

Media companies have restricted features to just genuine discs.

In the software field where piracy is the most damaging there have been very creative methods involved to counter piracy, most famous being technical support and warranty. Along with that, in recent years a new method has also been adopted by many major companies. They intentionally create online-only features that are accessible only if a person has the genuine software.

A recent example is Microsoft Office 2013. That software franchise is the one of the most used in the world and therefore one of the most pirated. To counter that Microsoft has included cloud computing and online features. The aim is to tempt the people who use pirated softwares towards genuine software. This method also helps in verification of genuine softare.

Another example is FIFA Franchise who since Fifa 09 has started including features to attract buyers into genuine software. First of all, EA Sports limited online features and superior graphics to consoles only (which can’t be pirated until the owners decide to forgo the connectivity of device with the internet). They did it until Fifa 12. Now the online features are so much and so tempting for an avid football fan that he or she can’t resist buying the game.

Although genuine softwares are expensive they are of great quality. We should avoid piracy and we should recognise the hard work of developers.

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