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Personal IPO

Intelligent Personal Valuation Platform. PIPO takes the company capital-raising concept and applies it to individuals.


Optimize home services through pooling


A 3D network visualization tool for new client identification with knowledge-based AI, for a wide variety of applications ranging from private equity, ventur...


A virtual reality game to crowd-source ideas for urban development.


A Chinese character-level CNN with a 86% F-score for categorizing Weibo postings, and making predictive models on ultra-high-net-worth client activities in G...


A decentralized platform for automated credit scoring.


A R-CNN powered person detection model to cheaply detect free learning spaces around university campus.


A way to connect underprivileged with law firms looking to do pro-bono work. Through a very easy mobile app, clients record their narrative in any language t...

Chi Sun Turing Club

A HKU group of technical and non-technical students working on smart campus solutions.


A tech-driven social initiative that relies on viral techniques and gamification to gather volunteers at HKU.


A decentralized pro-bono network for law firms.

FUT Grapher

A python app which suggests the best squad for Fifa Ultimate Team using graph theory.

Big Two

A full-featured multiplayer networked card game made in Java.


A decentralized crowdsourced investment fund.


An attempt to simplify email by employing a minimal approach to design.


A web app to easily search, filter, compare and plan Azure offerings.


Curo, a social bot, reminds you to take surveys. The amount generated goes to social organizations and proof is sent back to users.


A complete solution for SMEs to remain competitive against big labels and online shops.


A Personal Financial Assistant.


A Virtual Reality cross-platform game built using C#, Unity and Sketchup to promote heritage of Kowloon Walled City Hong Kong.

A 30,000 MAU (monthly active users) community for GCE O Level and A Level High School students