A decentralized crowdsourced investment fund.

Workflow Execution Technical Architecture Market Runner up SCB fintech hackathon 2017 grand finals in Shanghai Winner Hong Kong Round SCB fintech hackathon 2017
CollabCoin from different perspectives.


  • Runner-up: Shanghai Commercial Bank Fintech Hackathon Grand Finals (50,000 RMB)
  • Winner: Shanghai Commercial Bank Fintech Hackathon Hong Kong Round (20,000 HKD)


The flow charts describing the overall application is the gallery above.

The product aims at making a Market-beating portfolio by

  1. Crowd-sourcing insights and capital
  2. Mix of Product to Mix of Talent

Our Two Target Groups

People with investment insights= Player People looking for investment options= Putter

After the trades have been executed and the players have been ranked according to our decentralised algorithm the player with a higher competency receives higher money to invest in the shares further and is incentivised with more collabcoins.

This is illustrated in the second image in the gallery above.

Techincal Implementation

The workflow of the whole system is based on BigchainDB blockchain and the architecture can be seen in the third image in the gallery above.

For the system we have divided the implementation in two parts:


Under the backend folder CollabCoin/Backend/Tier 1 BigChainDB:Blockchain/ Run

This starts the docker image running the bigchainDB blockchain instance and makes use of sample data to generate the competency based ranking for players.


The frontend can be deployed by cloning the following repository using git clone Then run the Meteor based web app using the docker file at CollabCoin/Frontend/Dockerfile-dev </br> Finally run the meteor server using metor server with docker file at CollabCoin/Frontend/Dockerfile

You have the platform running !

Business Model

Why CollabCoin works?

Check out the fourth image in the gallery above.

As a Putter

  1. No more fuss when investing
  2. No more double charging
  3. Your capital is taken care of by the best-performing people
  4. Hedged risk from a diverse profile

As a Bank

  1. Enter as a Putter & gain profit
  2. Enter as a Broker & gain profit
  3. Identify promising Players for recruitment
  4. ⬆ Lending opportunity
  5. Financial education ➡ generate business opportunities for own financial services

As a Player

  1. Earn commission with top-performing portfolios
  2. Leverage public capital
  3. Showcase their investment strategies for job prospect
  4. ⬆ Competency Level
  5. ⬆ Reputation