A way to connect underprivileged with law firms looking to do pro-bono work.


There are three users of the platform:

  1. Underprivileged Client
  2. Translators
  3. Law Firms

Through a very easy mobile app, clients record their narrative in any language they prefer which is transcribed and translated to English/Cantonese via a Deep Learning model. The translators verify the translation and modify if needed. Case details of the client are put on the platform and law firms can access the platform through a React web app.

As translators constantly give feedback, the deep learning model increases in accuracy for the legal industry specifically.


  1. React Native Mobile App for client
  2. Deep Learning Model to transcribe and translate in commonly used languages
  3. React Web App for Translators to verify and modify translations
  4. React Web App for Lawyers at Law Firms to look through and accept cases
  5. MongoDB as Database